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Exchange student in São Paulo

This week we are hearing about how Camilla Sunesen Rohde from 4th semester is doing at the university in São Paulo, where she is studying marketing.  Camilla went to Brazil in January and is staying in an apartment down town São Paulo with her boyfriend. Besides studying, she practices volleyball and is about to start at handball. About studying at the university she says: “It’s hard and takes a lot of time but I also know that it will be worth it. I can already see improvements both in my writing and speaking skills.“

- Describe a typical day: A typical day for me, at least one of those where I have classes, I wake up at six in the morning and do whatever I have to do at home. Around seven I take the metro to the university which takes me about one hour. Then I have classes from eight until noon. Afterwards I have lunch at campus, study with my study group and head home. The rest of the day I normally just study, eat dinner and relax. When I have some extra free time I practice sports …

Life of an exchange student in Bahia

The 4th semester of Brazilian Studies are on exchange in Brazil at the moment, and we were curious to hear how they are doing! Sofie Græsdal Hansen tells us how life is studying at Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, where she studies sociology and brazilian culture:
"These two classes gives me an insight deeper into the explanation of brazilian lifestyle and the consequences of culture meetings. My semester is a bit different though. There was a strike in 2015, and because of that there has been many problems which did my semester is placed early so there is ”room” for two semesters this half year. My semester was supposed to run from 11th of January to 3rd of June – but it is Brazil, so it was a bit delayed.” A typical day for me: “...therefor includes waking up at 9AM, doing exercises followed by breakfast - often mangos from the kind older man on my street. The activities at noon often are going to the beach, doing my readings for school or going on an ”adventu…