Brazilian Days #02 2012

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 Re-Translating James Joyce's The Dubliners
By Marc Vincent Klitgaard:
The lecture was held on Thursday 19/09 – 2012. It was about re-translating a translated text, and for those who haven't Translation as a course on their current semester, or just those who have an interest in translation and re-translation, it was a golden opportunity to learn more about translation and what lies behind the translated text.
We started off by hearing the most fundamental about translation, the three stages in witch we start with the word-for-word translation and end up at the third stage with the flawless text. We also learned, that the technology nowadays makes it easier to translate old text, such as Shakespeare.
After a short break Vitor Amaral continued with the lecture, but this part of the lecture was  characterized by the work he was doing with translating the book in where the 15 short stories were printed. He talked about the difficulties about choosing the right words and the meaning it will result in. Let’s have an example:
The last of the short stories is called “The Dead”. The title doesn’t say if it’s singularis or pluralis, so by translating it into, let’s say Portuguese, it will either be “O Morto” in singularis or “Os Mortos”. But, “The Dead” doesn’t say if it’s just a single person pushing up daisies or it’s a whole bunch of dead people. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lecture: Beatriz Resende - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
By Marc Vincent Klitgaard:
The lecture was about some of the works Jorge Amado had been doing. It was a fine lecture, because it was building up to the documentary we saw after the lecture. 

Documentary: João Moreira Sales - Jorge Amado
By Marc Vincent Klitgaard:
This documentary was about Jorge Amado and his life. We got to see both sides of the story in Bahia. Out in the country, people (of course) knew who he was, and they had their opinion on his work.

Concert: Antonio Carlos Jobim - Gabriela
The last thing that was scheduled for the day was the concert. Our own Dr. Vinícius M. de Carvalho had composed the music by himself and it was easy to let yourself slip into the universe that the music created for you - just to be dragged back when there was applause. It was very easy to recognize the Brazilian spirit behind the music, because it was very different from the normal classic music that's been played. Very good session and a big applause to the young musicians who took on the challenge of performing the music. Good job!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dona Flor e seus Dois Maridos 
By Marc Vincent Klitgaard:
Finally, we closed the Brazilian Days off with the movie "Dona Flor e seus Dois Marinhos". It was a fantastic film and can warmly be recommended to those who haven't got anything against nudity and wants a good story. Dona Flor e seus Dois Marinhos is a movie about a woman who has a man that gambles everything up. When he dies, she is finally set free but misses him. Later in the movie she marries a pharmaceut and out of nowhere the first husband shows up, because she has prayed for his return. We expect that she wants to get rid of him but she can’t – finally she succeed, but immediately regrets her actions and he shows up again. Now she has two husbands.


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