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Children of Brazilian Streets

The violence of poverty has claimed the lives of thousands of Brazilian children. Assessments suggest that between 7 and 8 million children, ages 5 to 18 live and/or work on the streets of urban Brazil. The children on the streets are often either children who work on the streets or children who ran away from home or were abused because the family is unable to maintain normal family unity. The smallest group of street children is the group of abandoned children. The reason why they were abandoned is either because their parents died or simply because the family is unable to look after them because of their family circumstances. It is said that 23% of the children left home because of abuse. Living on the streets is dangerous. The kids are subject to police brutality - so called “Death Squads” - rape, violence and being forced into prostitution. They have serious health problems and a way to escape and forget life’s cruelty often makes children take drugs. An easily accessible way is to …

Daniel Everett