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Intern at the Danish Embassy in Brasilia

Since the beginning of February, I have worked as an intern at the political section at the Danish embassy in Brasilia, where I will be until the end of July.
Not one day is the same at the embassy
I work 37 hours per week from Monday to Friday, but that is also almost the only thing that is certain. My permanent assignments are to follow the Brazilian medias for news about Denmark and keep myself updated on other topics that could be relevant to Denmark. Moreover, I receive daily assignments from the Minister Counsellor, the Cultural officer or one of the two growth advisors. So far I have been working with such different things as Zika, Brazil´s economy, an exhibition about Danish architecture and research on IT and health. Moreover, I am participating in a lot of lectures that the embassy is invited to or that the Universities are arranging. Some of the topics have been Brazilian campaign financing, Brazilian decision-making processes regarding international relation and Brazil and U…

Dinner at the Ambassador of Portugal’s Residency in Copenhagen

On Monday 18 April professors Fernanda Gláucia Pinto and Georg Fischer along with students Juul van de Voort (BA) and Peter Haldborg (MA) had the pleasure of attending a dinner-buffet at the residence of the ambassador of Portugal, Rui Macieira’s residency. The occasion was the visit of professor Ricardo Reis, associate dean for International Affairs of Universidade Católica de Lisboa. After a three-and-a-half hour journey from Aarhus to Copenhagen, a few cups of coffee and a beer, and finally a trip to Charlottenlund, we arrived at Rui Macieira’s residence where we were greeted by the ambassador himself. Shortly after, he thanked everyone for their participation in his welcome speech, soon followed by a short speech by professor Reis – both in European Portuguese, obviously.
After the speeches it was time to enjoy the delicious food! Moments after the dinner was served people were flocking around the buffet, enjoying a mixture of Danish and Portuguese delicacies, including a fantastic …