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Phonetics, phonology.. say what?

In the beginning of this semester we were introduced to Denise Christina Kluge (photo), associate professor from UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paran√°). She talked about her work as a phonetician and taught us about perception and pronunciation of the Brazilian Portuguese. Afterwards we took part in a test that researched our perception skills, for instance, if we were able to hear or not the difference between nasalized vowels.  Last Monday (11.03.2013) she presented the results and our average were a bit over fair or middle taken into account that we have only been studying phonetics for less than two months.
On behalf of all students from our class, I want to thank you, Denise, for your efforts. It was fun, challenging and educating. Thanks Denise!  

Written by Niels Aslak Lehtonen


Would you like to hear more about Benjamin Moser’s lecture? Then please keep reading.

Benjamin Moser is born on September 14th 1976 in Houston, Texas. Moser started studying Chinese but he found it too serious and lacked patience. Therefore he changed to study Brazilian Studies. Benjamin Moser had two main topics at the lecture: The life of the famous Brazilian author Clarice Lispector and the art of translating. About Lispector’s life, Moser told that she was born in Ukraine in 1920, in a village which was known as the worst place to be a Jew outside the Nazi occupied areas. In Ukraine Lispector’s mom got raped, got syphilis and later she died, while Lispector was still a child. Her family moved to north-east Brazil when Lispector was around two years old in 1922. In her adult life, Lispector married an ambassador and lived “the American dream”. She was tall, blond, glamorous and spoke with a French accent, so people did not suspect that she had been poor. Lispector published ”Near to …


Spring is just around the corner, the days have become warmer and it fills people with joy. 
4th semester has begun their adventures in Brazil and although the semester has just begun the students both in Brazil and in Denmark are having a hard time not spending all their time in the lovely weather. However, the exams are to be passed before we can fully enjoy this. But after all what is better after feeling the burden of a hard workweek on ones shoulders than drinking a beer in the bar at the university among friends?! 

Written by Daniel Schmidt