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New professors!

At the Institute for Brazilian Studies at Aarhus University, two new professors have started this semester. Who are thay and why did they choose Brazilian Studies in Aarhus? Brasil Aqui sat down and asked them.
Name: Derek Pardue
When were you born: ”Oct 31.1969”
Where were you  born and raised? ”I was born in Huntsville, Alabama, in the deep south. I grew up in Virginia State, in a city called Virginia Beach. It was a was very international city, since it was home for a big navy base, so there were many military families from the states and all over the world.”
What's your marital status? ” I have a wife and a son, who is 10 years old”
What's your educational and professional background? ”My undergraduate degree was in german litterature and classical music (composition and theory of classical music). I wanted to be a composer in classical music, so I atteded a muscal conservatory in San Fracisco, where I studied  musical composition and classical guitar for 2 years.  During that…