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Brazilian Days #02 2012

Trading with Latin America

Trading with Latin America On Tuesday the 2nd of October we attended a series of presentations regarding five Latin American countries, including (of course) Brazil. These five presentations were all held by the leaders of each trade department and their specific embassy of the five countries. They informed the Danish companies which attended the seminar about the golden opportunities to export their products to Latin America – but also some of the challenges included.
From Asia to Brazil Nicolai Prytz from “Consulado Geral da Dinamarca”, told us that Danish exporters have mainly had their focus on the Asian market, but because of the recent economical growth in Brazil, eyes are now turned west. This has resulted in a five-double-raise export to Brazil from 2003 to 2011. The major export areas are food, electronics, industrial machinery, pharmaceutical products and renewable energy. The last mentioned area will be a great future challenge for Brazil because of the many changes in infrastr…

Pictures from Brazilian Days #2 2012