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New blood to the Brazilian studies

Christina and Juul both just started their first semester at Brazilian Studies at Aarhus University. Their first week, the so-called” rusuge” was full of new impressions:
Christina: The introduction week, beginning Monday the 24th of August 2015 was the start of a brand new chapter for a lot of people including myself. Actually ’a new book’ would fit better, because the next few years will be filled with so much, that solely a single chapter isn’t going to be enough. That day I was really starting a whole new book, a book that will be stuffed with all things Brazil; its rich history, language, culture and politics. I can only imagine that this book is going to be exceptionally interesting once it is done and I have a bachelor in Brazilian Studies. In the plan for our ’introduction week’ the first thing the tutor was writing was;” you are now guaranteed 3,5 years with a lot of exciting and challenging tasks”. This sounded amazing, so I had very high expectations for my start at Aarhus Uni…