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Tiradentes Day

The 21st of April is a day where Brazilians commemorate the national hero Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, on the date of his execution.

Xavier lived from 1746 to 1792 and fought for Brazilian independence from the Portuguese colonial power. Xavier was later betrayed and then hanged in Rio de Janeiro in 1792. 
The day of his death is a national holiday in Brazil with all government offices, schools and banks closed. The plaza (Praça Tiradentes) where he was executed is named after him and the Brazilians also raised a monument there in his honour. Government officials will meet at Praça Tiradentes on the 21st and pay tributes to the hero with speeches dedicated to the martyrdom of the revolutionary.

Written by Mikkel Hansen 

Liar liar, pants on fire!!

Aprils Fool’s Day, or as they call it in Brazil Dia das Mentiras, is celebrated because of the arrival of spring. The tradition, which had the origin in France, was brought to Brazil, by the Portuguese, when they first arrived. In Brazil, April 1st was first celebrated in the great state of Minas Gerais in 1828, when a newspaper called The Lie, announced the death of Dom Pedro I, who was the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil. This announcement was contradicted the next day.
In Brazil this day is celebrated with fun and games by playing practical jokes and hoaxes to friends and family.  Furthermore in Brazil and as well as in Denmark, the mass media tempt to pull some kind of a hoax. This link is a great example of a practical joke in Brazil!
-        - Beware out there!!
Written by David Monteiro Paes