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Into the Amazon - A Seminar Serie at Aarhus University

After the summer vacation Brazilian Studies is now ready to present the first event of the semester from the 23th to the 27th of September. On Monday at 15.00 in “Nobelsalen” at Aarhus University the world renowned Brazilian author Miltoun Hatoum is coming and talking about his newest book “Cinzas do Norte” along with the Danish translator Tine Lykke Prado, who has translated it into Danish. Hatoums main subject in his book is the Amazonia area where he is born and he will together with Tine Lykke Prado be part of a round table discussion afterwards.
Dr. Marcel Vejmelka from the University of Mainz will give a lecture about the amazon as a global stage at 14.00 Tuesday in building 1481 room 366.
Wednesday will be about the Indian languages in the Brazilian Amazon, where professor in linguistic Peter Bakker from Aarhus University will give a lecture about this subject. The lecture begins at 16.00 and afterwards the documentary “The Grammar of Happiness” by the famous American linguist D…