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Forró with Fernanda

Last saturday night the 20th of february, the brazilian party ‘Brazil for All’ was thrown by one of our professors at brazilian studies, Fernanda Gláucia. The party started at eight o’clock in the evening at Casa Carola in Aarhus C. The participants had the opportunity to try out some brazilian snacks, ex pão de queijo or coxinha de frango, and then pour it down with a delicious, cold caipirinha. Afterwards, to burn the calories away again, you were able to try out the sweaty, hot brazilian dance: “forró”. The original plan was that a friend of Fernanda should have held a workshop in the dance, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to come. Lucky for us, Fernanda took the chance to show off her amazing forró moves and in a minute the dancefloor was filled. Although it was very crowded and really hot, the workshop was so fun and because of the heat it almost (!) felt that we were in Brazil!
After Fernanda finished the workshop, the party continued with music by the DJ Mauro Cardoso, playing…


In the last week of January the 1st semester - soon to be 2nd - students were able to take a break from the stress and misery revolving their exams… Next stop: Portugal! It was a long journey to Porto, but we remained positive throughout the trip, singing joyfully along the way,  and when we finally arrived we were really psyched to get to experience the city! The first day there we were lucky enough to be given 15 degrees and sunshine, which disappointed one of the students who only brought a thick fur coat - the rest of us didn’t complain though! We went for a walk around the city, sat in the sun, drank beer and the mood was at its highest! From Monday to Friday we were given Portuguese lessons by The University of Porto, guided tours around the city and even went for a wine-tasting class, which was very interesting. And tasty... When we were not at the university, we spend our days shopping and experimenting with eating Portuguese snacks like Francesinha and Pastel de Nata. We were …