This is a new journal fully dedicated to Brazilian Studies. Here you can have an academic discussion, exchange ideas and draw on the research from each other within the field of Brazilian Studies. The journal also includes a section to publishing call for conference papers, news about courses and seminars as well as interviews with people important to the development of Brazilian Studies. Check out the link below:
Brazilian Studies
Here you can see what we do as a bachelor study, and you can see how our study is builded up. Check out the link below:
Brazilian Studies at Aarhus University

We also have a Facebook page for those who wants to be reminded that way - it will be updated as soon as we write something here. Check out the link below:
Facebook Page for Brasil Aqui

At Brazilian Studies we have certain interests, and those consists of a couple of very interesting collaborations. So just to give them a little publication, we've chosen to feature them in here:

Brasiliansk Aften
Brasiliansk Aften is THE place to go every one evening in every month. At Brasiliansk Aften you get to meet at least a dozen brazilians or just people that has an interest in Brazil, because it's all what Brasiliansk Aften is about - getting to know more about Brazil as a country, but nonetheless the culture and makes new acquaintances. And if that isn't enough, there is Capoeira every time Brasiliansk Aften is being held. Check out the link below:
Brasiliansk Aften

Sambananas has two divisions - one in Copenhagen and one right here in Aarhus.
If there is a group that understands samba and how to convey the true spirit of samba, Sambananas does the trick, and does it well! They understand how to bring the Brazilian up in us, whether we know we have it in us or we don't. Sambananas also holds Summer Camp with professionals from Brazil, Copenhagen and Sweden. They also joins the Carnaval in Copenhagen, and goes on parades around the country. Check out the link below:
Sambananas Aarhus


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