New challenges

A new semester has just begun and along comes a whole new set of challenges, especially for the 4th semester students as they are off to Brazil.

Back in Denmark on 2nd semester things are humming since new and more intense courses are scheduled. One of them is a course in phonetics and phonology which is a different discipline to most of the students. 

As an introduction to the course we have a visiting lecturer, Denise Kluge, from Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil. 
During the first lesson she taught the importance of making our Portuguese intelligible as a result of correct pronunciation. She states that the context will not always compensate for your lacks, and even if the receiver is able to understand the meaning of your statement he or she might not be willing to compromise with it. 
Pronunciation and the production of sound are therefore extremely important even at our level of education. Not least it is essential to base it on the rules of the foreign language rather than using your native language as foundation.
So as of now our Portuguese is to become fine-adjusted. It will be a tough process but also a useful outcome. 
Hopefully both 2nd and 4th semester will end up feeling more knowledgeable when the summer arrives.

Written by Tina Sandra Ellingsgaard


  1. I really enjoy being with you all and share some ideas about Phonetics, Phonology and pronunciation. Um abraço, Denise.

  2. Hi Denise, thanks for your visit. We appreciate it.
    Best of luck to you in your future endeavor. :)


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