”Come as you are”- exhibition with Calé

Gallery Image in Aarhus presented the Brazilian art photographer Calé. He had his opening of the exhibition on Friday the 12th of April; it is the first solo exhibition he has had in Scandinavia. 

The exhibition consists of two series: Seekers and Elo.

With the serie Seekers, we are introduced to portraits of people who are placed central in the picture, with the urban scene behind. But it is impossible to see exactly who the person in the portrait is. The persons are blurred and overexposed while the background stands out sharp with the focus and color. 

The pictures give the impression that it is not important who the person in the picture is. It could be anyone.

With the serie Elo, two men are embracing each other in different public places. With this project, Calé concentrates his attention to the reaction from the people around the embracing men. The reactions from the surrounding people probably reflect their own limits for expressing love, affection or tenderness.
Calé lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He has studied architecture at Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Cidade Universitária. Calé has won two international prices and worked as a freelance photographer.

He has furthermore had several exhibitions in South America, Russia, USA and Ireland.
The exhibition will be open on Gallery Image until 20th of May 2013.

Written by Tanja Nikoline Ankerstjerne


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