Getting started

By: Karin Sandén
The big day arrived: finally we will find out what the next few years will hold in store for us. Now we just face the challenge of finding the webpage with the acceptance information on it. YES! IN! Now we just have to find an apartment, pack all our stuff and move to Aarhus... Easy-peasy! 
But why a BA in Brazilian Studies?  Well, why not learn more about a country that is growing as Brazil is, not only population wise but also financially and influentially. Why not be able to take part in that and learn a new language? And a semester spent in Brazil as part of the BA program at AU did make it a bit more interesting as well.                                                                                                                                                  
We all have an appeal to Brazil of different reasons. After being accepted to the program of Brazilian Studies, now we use a lot of energy on finding out more about the country and culture and there is a lot to learn! It’s a fascinating mix of aboriginal, colonial European and African culture and heritage!  Luckily we will learn a lot more about Brazil’s culture and history before we graduate with a Bachelor in Brazilian Studies.
The “introduction week” is filled to the brim with information about the program, the University in general, computer programs to be used, things to see and books to read; and let us not forget all the fun that was going on outside the classrooms and lecture halls. Throwing 20 or so people into a cocktail shaker, adding a few tutors and shaking it up we had a very good blending.  We are truly a mix of individuals of different backgrounds, ages and experiences with Brazil and in general, but it all just works.
The “intro week” and even the first few weeks of classes have already passed. We are doing all we can to keep up with current Brazilian affairs, learning a new language, while also having a lot of fun on the sidelines. After a somewhat intense start to our new career as students of Aarhus University and Brazilian Studies, we are really loving it. Ótimo!


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