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This is an interview with Simone Monteiro Paes from the 5th semester, who has just returned to Denmark, about her homecoming from Brazil, after living in Rio de Janeiro for 7 months: how has it been coming home to daily life, back in Denmark, after living in the exotic and magical Brazil? How is the transition from one culture to another? Now - 3,5 months later – having to face the long Danish winter. This can help other students prepare themselves for the everyday life in Brazil and the return to daily life here in Denmark, where things might not be as colorful as they are in Brazil.

What did you feel when you stood in Rio’s airport on the way home?
“I had a lot of mixed feelings about that certain situation because I looked forward to seeing my friends and family back in Denmark, but on the other hand I did not want to leave, because I knew I would miss the everyday life that I had created and of course I would also miss the new friends that I got in Brazil. I knew that I was going to miss the warmth of the Brazilians and I dreaded the thought of going back to the coldness in Denmark.”

What are you going to miss the most about the Brazilians?
“Well, first of all, I am going to miss the Brazilian hospitality and kindness they show even to strangers. Even the ones who do not have a lot of resources, still invite you into their homes and offer you foods and drinks. This, to me, is very different because that kind of hospitality is rare in Denmark. ”

How is it to be back in Denmark?

“At first it was very hard. First of all because I was not looking forward to get back to reality, back to university, paying bills and back to the cold weather. I miss laying on the beach with my friends, with a cold caipirinha in my hand and without a care in the world. Now that the winter is upon us, I wish I could go back. Deep inside I know that I will, some day”

Written by Yara Henriques


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