An interview with a Brazilian in Denmark

To get an insight in how life is in Denmark for a Brazilian I have made an interview with Bernardo David who lives and work in Aarhus. Bernardo is a 24 year old Brazilian who makes his reaches for his Ph.D. at Aarhus University AU. Bernardo is from Brasília, the capital of Brazil, where he studied at the University of Brasília UnB. He has a master degree in Computer Science and in 2013 he moved to Denmark to make his Ph.D.

Why did you choose to make your Ph.D. in Denmark?

“I chose to work in Denmark because there's a very good research group that works on my field at Aarhus University.”

Could you with a few words describe your work at AU?

“I'm currently working on getting a Ph.D. in Computer Science. My daily activities include both doing research on the specific field of Cryptography and teaching undergraduate and masters level course.”

Would you like to stay in Denmark after you have finished your Ph.D.?

“My plan is to do a postdoc somewhere else after I finish my Ph.D.”

 How is it to work in Denmark?

“I work in a large research group along with around 15 other people. The hierarchy in both academia and companies seems much less strict than in other countries and people are usually friendly. I think that the work environment is very good. In generally I believe that Danish people are friendly and I have a lot of Danish friends in Aarhus.”

Is there anything in Denmark you don´t like?

“The weather is really bad.”

Is Denmark a part of your plans for the future?

“Maybe, depending on what job opportunities I might get. I would definitely return to Denmark if I got a good job here.”
Written by Hassan O. Haibeh


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