Becoming a part of global studies

The social part of studying at the university is very important, this is usually what keeps you motivated and focused through tough times. A huge part of social life at the University are the Friday bars. Every faculty has their own and it is also fun to visit other studies’ bar. Here there is usually a theme-party so people dress up to make it more joyful. You can buy cheap beer, drinks and just relax with your friends after yet another stressful week at the university – or go together to the centrum to continue the party...

Brazilian Studies has in many years been one of the language subjects at Aarhus University, meaning it was in the same category as studies as English, Spanish, French and German. However, 2014 we switched from being a part of the Institute of Culture and Communication to be a part of the Institute of Culture and Society, which meant we became one of the area studies like e.g. Chinese, Japanese and East European. This change happened because of the less focus on language. This meant dealing with changes in the student plan and also a change in the social activities happening on the studies.

When Brazilian Studies switched faculty, we were torn; which Friday bar did we fall under?! The language subjects Friday bar was named Esperanto, but was this the one we were supposed to go to?

Luckily in the introduction week we quickly find out how well Brazilian Studies and the various Asian Studies clicked, and we became a part of their Friday bar as well, now re-named “Globa(r)l”. Since then once every month these Global Studies come together to have fun.

Being a small study like Brazilian Studies it also gives us an opportunity to meet other people and mingle. If you’re lucky, you can even have a relaxed chat and enjoy a cold beer with your professor…

Next Friday bar will be on Friday the 18th of November in room 1467/116 – feel free to join us!

Written by Juul van de Voort


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