Last edition of the newsletter

When Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho in 2012 came up with the idea to make a newsletter, Fernanda Gláucia worked hard to get it up and going. She gathered a group of students and together they established Brasil Aqui. A lot of work was put by them to decide together everything about how the newsletter should be, by the smallest details. It started as a published newsletter, online and in paper, at the end of every semester dealing with the wide variety of subjects and activities regarding Brazilian Studies at Aarhus University. They used this blog for promotion of the newsletter as well as other articles.

Fernanda has the last 10 years dedicated herself to Brazilian Studies studying both her bachelor and masters’ degree here in Aarhus, and afterwards becoming the visiting associate professor on the studies. In 2016 her contract as lector came to an end and Fernanda is now searching for the next adventure. Her beautiful personality will be missed at the university, but since she stopped she has spent her days searching for new professional opportunities but also travelling and practicing her excellent dancing skills, so there is a possibility you will suddenly come across her dancing in Brazil, Portugal, Germany or the Netherlands…

This past year the newsletter has developed more into a newsblog, and this semester it expanded once more by translating the published articles into Portuguese. This newsletter is the 10th and last edition with lots of great articles from the past semester. You can e.g. read about:

-       Brazilian Studies 1st semester’s Porto trip in January
-       The speech variety of the Kalunga community, the PhD project of Ana Paulla Braga Mattos
-       The lecture by Ricardo F. Reis about the Portuguese language and its power
-       The lecture by Lucas Amaral de Oliveira about Marginal Literature and saraus in the suburbs of São Paulo
-       AND read about working at the Danish embassy in Lisbon

A big thanks to Fernanda for her work here! Check out her last edition of Brasil Aqui the newsletter:

Written by Juul van de Voort


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